Meeting the Challenge of Home Management

The first thing that must be settled and understood by all members of the family is that home management is not a one person job. The mother cannot and should not do everything around the house and at the same time deal with schools, shopping and other out-of-the-home jobs. Everyone must contribute in one way or another. Planning this will require a family meeting where everyone must participate and everyone will commit to whatever they are assigned to do.

Every Sunday night the family should gather to prepare a shore calendar for the following week. The calendar should include the jobs the children or teenagers will do, the jobs mom and dad will do plus any shores that the family can do together. Creating group jobs is important so that “family time” allows everyone to interact, chat and share together. Examples of this could be garden maintenance, car washing, and supper cooking time. Individual jobs must be noted and each person will be responsible of making sure they do the job or exchange their duty with someone else when they are unable to perform it. Your family is not the army, some leeway must be allowed to make things fun.

During the Sunday night meeting a menu for the week should be discussed and agreed upon. In most families this will revolve mostly around dinner because most everybody will be away from the house. When the menu is agreed upon and the refrigerator and pantry are checked to make sure all the ingredients and necessities for the week are available a shopping list must be prepared. One trip to the store on Monday should provide all the necessary supplies for the week. If something is overlooked any one of those who is out of the house during the afternoon will be assigned to call home before returning to find out if something is needed so it can be bought on the way home.

It is understood that each child or teenager will be responsible for keeping their rooms in order and for delivering their dirty clothes to the designated area. It is also understood that every member of the family will contribute saving electricity by turning the lights, television, stereo, etc. every time they leave a room. It is also understood that they will make great efforts to limit shower and bath times within reason to save water. All jobs will be assigned according to age and capability and they will also be rotated weekly so everyone shares the work equally. It is also understood that even if the parents work outside the home they will have shores to do when they get back home. This is a group effort so there are no excuses.

The calendar should be hung in a visible place. Besides the work distribution schedule, it will be used to write the time and place of any appointments or out-of-house activities everyone will have during the following week. This will help to plan transportation needs and times. By doing this the family will organize itself so they can carpool and program their activities at the same time, when possible, to save gas and time. This will also give them the chance to share time and conversation while coming and going. This will include medical appointments, study groups, sports activities, etc. Everyone must keep in mind that if mom does not work and stays at home all day, this does not mean that she is a chauffeur. A mother always has something to do at home, juggle her budget, shop for necessary things, clean and keep the house pretty for everyone; a mom’s job is never over.

It may take some time to get this plan into action and to smooth out the kinks but once done your home will run smoothly. At first the kids will not be too happy with it but they will learn and they will feel better knowing that they are contributing to the management of your home and at the same time getting closer to each other. Now a days families do not share enough, they do not talk enough, in many cases they are just a bunch of people stuck within the same house. It is vital for us as parents to make an effort to bring the family concept back, to share with our children in person and not through the phone or by sending each other messages. It is important to get to know and bond with our children today that they are with us for one day they will leave. If we do not work and create relationships with them, all that will be left will be empty memories of time passed.

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